IT Services and Support

Wired Networks

smc8624tWired networks are at the core of most office network infrastructures. They are used to connect the workstations in your office to local and remote network resources like printers, scanners, office database, the internet etc… CRK Consulting Group offers the following component services to connect your office to needed resources:

    • In-wall or surface mounted wiring
    • Firewall install and configure port maps/ access rules
    • Hubs and switches
    • Router installation and configure internet sharing
    • VPN install and configure remote access/ site-2-site
    • Patch Panel network termination

Wireless Networks - WiFi

smc wirelessWireless networks also known as WiFi networks allow users to connect laptops, PDA’s and other WiFi compatible devises to data networks without the need for a physical connection from the device to the network. Wireless connectivity can also be scaled to create a wireless point-to-point connection up to 12 miles away. How does wireless networking fit into your company network?

    • Extend your private network without pulling new wire
    • Make it easy for your mobile workers to access the company network
    • Add a public hot spot to your business for guest access
    • Connect 2 or more buildings to your private network instead of leasing a dedicated line or using internet bandwidth with a VPN
    • Add access point to extend your WiFi coverage