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Hard Drive failure is the #1 cause of data loss. Viruses can destroy data. Losing your digital photos and financial information as a result of a hard drive failure or virus attack would be devastating. Ransomware viruses are attacking more computers than ever. Without a good backup, the bad guys get a huge win and you get the work of rebuilding your data.

Look at what kinds of files you have on your hard drive. QuickBooks company files, accounting files, financial records, email files, pictures, documents, are all on hard drives. In other words, your life is electronically held on a small device in your computer. Digital pictures that go back to when your child was a baby, letters and documents to clients, friends or spreadsheets that have your entire household goods inventory. If you lose them, what you do or feel? Hard drive data recovery is expensive, with today's large capacity hard drives, recovery costs can run into a $2500 dollars or more easily.

We can provide you with backup solutions from a local external drive backup to a managed online solution.

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